How to Setup Custom Domain to BlogSpot/Blogger Blog?

Do you know how to set up a custom domain for your blogger blog? Probably no, and that is why you are here to reading this tutorial. It is a very important tutorial for a beginner blogger who still using Google's BlogSpot subdomain and wants to use a custom domain for their blog. However, before starting this tutorial I want to inform you that, First of all, make sure you already have a top-level domain (Ex.: for your blogger blog. If you have not purchased a domain name then purchase/buy it first. And If you already have then let's start to follow the steps below about how to set up a custom domain for your blogger blog.

Way to Setup BlogSpot Custom Domain

If you have complete control over the DNS (Domain Name System) of your domain, then move on to the steps below.

Step#1 – Now go to your domain hosting service provider website and log in with your user credentials.

Step#2 – Search for the DNS management/Manage DNS option and click on it.

Step#3 – Now Click on Add Record

Step#4 – Select CNAME (Alias) records and Add Cname Record and fill the below details in it and save.

CNAME (Alias)

Add Record

Name: www

Step#5 – Now select A records and click On Add A record and fill the below details in it and save.

IPV4 address:
TTL: 38400

Step#6 – Repeat adding another 3 records with below IPV4 addresses

IPV4 address:

Step#7 – Make sure you are all set in configuring your DNS.

Blogger domain DNS configuration

Step#8 – Now go to your blogger account and click on your blog and select settings –>publishing –> click on Custom Domain.

BlogSpot custom domain setup

Step#10 – Now Add your purchased domain name with the prefix www. (Ex: and save it.

Step#11 – Now turn on the Redirect domain don't forget to turn on HTTPS Availability and HTTPS redirect.

Step#12 – Now wait for few hours (It may take a maximum of 72 hours) for your domain to work. Hope that your domain will start working without any trouble.

That’s all… Don’t forget to use the comment box for your valuable thoughts…Thanks for reading!

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